The Irresistible Induction

Have you ever worked with a client or subject that was very resistant to your inductions?  Perhaps they were challenging you, or resisting going into trance whenever you used a traditional induction or even an instant or rapid induction?  Would you like to learn an induction that works nearly 100% of the time, with even the most resistant subject?  It’s called the “Irresistible Induction”.

If you have studied with me for a while, then you have been exposed to an induction called the “Revivification Induction”, whereby you have a subject remember a time they were in trance before, get them to sit the way they were sitting during that trance.  Get them to breath the way they were breathing, etc.  The key here is that in order to recall that trance, the must first re-enter trance, and then, you just hi-jack the trance they created themselves and deepen it.

The “Irresistible Induction” works in a very similar way, however it doesn’t require that the subject has ever been in a trance that they can recall.  Basically, you will describe to them a trance that ‘you’ experienced or that you helped someone else experience.  You start out describing what you or your other subject experienced and then, and here is the key, you switch your language patterns to be directed to the subject you are currently trying to hypnotize.

Let me give you an example:


Hypnotist: “Have you ever been hypnotized before?”

Subject: “No I haven’t, and I don’t believe that I can be hypnotized.”

Hypnotist: “Well, let me explain a little bit about hypnosis…<go into your pre-talk here>”

Subject: <responds with any follow-up questions>

Hypnotist: “Let me tell you about a subject I worked with last week.  I sat him down in a chair, much like the one you’re sitting in now, and I had them take 3 deep breaths <mimic the breathing and notice that your subject may follow along with you>.  And then I said to them…<now start directing your language patter toward the subject in front of you> ‘as you continue to breath in relaxation, and breath out stress and tension, you may begin to notice a relaxing of the muscles in your neck and shoulders.  As you focus on your breathing, you may begin to notice that your breathing is becoming deeper and more rhythmic.  You may also notice a dryness in your lips and throat and a tendency to swallow.” 

* NOTE: Continually observe your subject to see if they are following along with your suggestions as you layout the ‘story’ to them.

Hypnotist: “Then I said to them ‘I don’t know if it’s easier for you to follow these instructions with your eyes opened or closed, but as you close your eyes, you feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed, and the more you relax, the better you feel, and the better you feel, the more and more you relax.”


What makes this induction so powerful, is that the subject doesn’t initially realize that you are trying to induce trance in them. They just think that you are recounting details about taking ‘someone else’ into trance.  However, their subconscious mind is still picking up the suggestions, and since there is no conscious resistance at this point, they will go into trance.  Once you observe the obvious signs of trance and compliance, you can switch completely over to an overt induction, deepener, or whatever you need to enhance the trance that the subject is experiencing.

This induction works very well and is nearly 100% effective with everyone you use it with.  Most conversational hypnosis is built on these same principles of a covert induction, only in an even more subtle way.

Now, for some feedback from you. 🙂

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Michael C. White, C.Ht.

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